Are Solar Panels Worth It In New Jersey?

Are Solar Panels Worth It In NJ

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in NJ. In 2021, NJ ranked as the #7 best state to get solar in the United States and more than 6% of all of NJ is powered by solar which is double the nation's average. As you drive and see houses & businesses with solar panels you may be asking yourself "Are Solar Panels Really Worth It In New Jersey?". The answer to this question, for many reasons which we'll discuss here, is Yes!

Solar is a good investment for home and business owners to save on electric bills which are getting more expensive every year as solar costs have gone down in the last 10 years. In this article, we'll shed some light on the benefits of solar energy on the environment and your pockets!

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Is It Worth Getting Solar in NJ

The cost of solar energy systems has decreased dramatically in the last 10 years. In 2010. it would cost you about $50,000 to install solar panels. Today, the average cost is around $15,000 but that can increase or decrease depending on the size and type of solar panels that you choose.

There are also more incentives and programs to help you benefit from solar energy more than ever before. In August of 2022, the Federal Solar Tax Credit was extended, allowing home and business owners to receive up to a 30% tax credit depending on what year the solar panels were placed in service. That includes all solar panels, batteries, and installation materials. New Jersey also provides property and sales tax exemptions with solar purchases! To read more on this read The Complete Guide to NJ Solar Incentives.

Environmental Benefits of Renewable Energy

One Solar Panel (400W) can produce up to 2,000 Watts (or 2Kw) in a day. For reference, your refrigerator only needs about 0.5kW to run. Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun and are very efficient. By putting in solar panels, you may lessen your dependency on fossil fuels and contribute to the effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the fact that solar energy is a renewable resource, it doesn't emit any dangerous gases as coal and natural gas do.

Public health is also improved by solar energy. Plants using coal and natural gas pollute the air and water, endangering human health. However, switching to renewable energy sources like solar power can reduce this pollution and have a positive effect on our atmosphere and help with acid rain, asthma, emphysema, and other pollution-related diseases. A Connecticut study found that one home switching from fossil fuels to solar power had the same emissions impact as planting 150 trees every year.

In addition, solar power creates jobs in clean energy. The U.S. has been leading the world in clean energy and in 2021 employed over 200,000 Americans.

Can I Power My Entire Home On Solar?

Yes, most solar systems are built to power an entire home. With only a 2kW solar system you could power 4 refrigerators! The average solar panel system in NJ will generate about 200-300 watts per hour and 5000-6000 kWh per year. This is typically more than enough to meet the energy demands of most homes. This is why Net Energy Metering was created to measure the extra energy you generate and pay you if you decide to sell that energy to the NJ Solar grid.

This will, of course, depend on the side of your system and available surface area. More and more homeowners are not using their roofs, but instead using a portion of their land or backyard to install solar panels for increased surface area and more power.

The types of solar panels you use are important also. There are 4 main types of Solar Panels offered in most Solar Energy Systems today; Monocrystalline (MC) Solar Panels, Polycrystalline (PC) Solar Panels, Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) Panels, and Thin Film Solar Panels. PC Panels are most common because of their ability to fit into smaller squares and because they cost less to make. These are the blue-colored panels. PERC Panels are the most efficient because they have an extra layer in the back that recycles any pass-through light.

What is The Best Type of Solar System?

The BEST kind of Solar System is the one that fits the needs of your home or business. Sorry, there is no clear answer to the best type of solar panels because there are a lot of variables. But the questions you should ask to help you find the best answer for you are:

How much power do you currently use? You can refer to your electric bill to help you find this answer.

How much power do you want or need? The whole house? Or just enough to cover extra expenses in the winter?

How much land or roof space do you have to use? A solar expert can quickly calculate this for you. They even take into consideration sun cycles and shade percentages!

What kind of upfront expenses are you willing to invest in for your new solar panel energy system?

There are a few different purchasing options you have as a NJ resident. Contact a solar expert to answer all of these questions for you and help you find the best type of solar system for you and your family.

See how much you can save!

Let our New Jersey solar experts help you get the best deals and incentives!

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